The Entrepreneurial Patient

[Someone who is creative and innovative about finding answers to solve medical issues and takes charge of his/her healthcare. Someone who use uses knowledge to empower him- or herself to make informed medical decisions that produce good outcomes.]

The Entrepreneurial Patient: A Patient’s Guide to Hip Impingement empowers hip impingement patients to make decisions that work for them. It is the only comprehensive book dedicated to patient education on the topic of hip impingement (also called femoroacetabular impingement or FAI).

In this unique book, a compilation of FAI-related research, interviews and personal experience covers most aspects of FAI from a patient perspective and explains hard-to-grasp concepts. At the center of the book is a personal story of struggle to find help and shared experiences to help hip buddies feel better faster.

The book has been reviewed by both an FAI specialist and a physical therapist.

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Posted by a reader on Facebook:

"I have really enjoyed your book. I wish it had been written before I had my surgery and even though I only had labral tear surgery (no FAI-well as far as I know) so much of it resonated with my experience and as I still rehabilitate myself, it offers me a road map that validates a lot of my own experiences and guides me in the directions I should go. Great job. I highly recommend it!"
by Jim H. on, May 11, 2013

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