The Entrepreneurial Patient: A Patient’s Guide to Hip Impingement will take you through an overview of hip impingement; a simple hip anatomy lesson; tips for finding an FAI specialist and questions to ask; a discussion of the diagnostic steps, surgical and conservative treatment as well as recovery; ideas for surgery preparations; aspects of rehabilitation; conditions secondary to FAI; pregnancy and FAI; tips on how to deal with health insurance issues related to FAI.

What readers say

5 Star Rating. Comforting guide for those with FAI

“This is a wonderful book. I recently had surgery to address the FAI…It's wonderful to read all the different chapters and compare notes. It's a very helpful, comforting and inspiring book - essential for FAI sufferers!.”
by Katie on, May 4, 2013

5 Star Rating. A great read for sufferers of FAI

"After ordering and receiving the book…, I have read it from cover-to-cover…an absolute 'must-buy' purchase for all fellow hipsters old and new...Many thanks to the author who has been able to give a personable account of a journey experienced by many sufferers of FAI...a thumbs up from me!”
by Michelle on, March 7, 2013

5 Star Rating. An excellent well presented guide to ... hip impingement

"The book enables the reader to do what it states on the title, to be entrepreneurial about the condition and getting the best out of our experiences as patients. The book is an essential guide to this journey…It adds so much clarity to a complex disorder from both the experiences of the author and medical opinion in a ordered and measured style. I whole heartedly recommend the book for any patient with hip impingement at any stage of the journey."
by Ellen on, March 27, 2013

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